SPACE (Soundscape Projection Ambisonic Control Engine)

pesaro700Pesaro, Italy. October 11, 2013.

SPACE (Sound Projection Ambisonic Controlled Environment), designed and directed by David Monacchi and Eugenio Giordani at the Conservatory Rossini in Pesaro, Italy, opened its doors on Saturday, October 11, 2013, at 10:30 am.

There were brief speeches by conservatory, regional and music officials, talks by Monacchi, Giordani, guest composer Walter Branchi, and a demonstration.

The audio system is 21 loudspeakers spherically arranged around the space. Forty-minute concerts, including a demonstration and compositions that demonstrated spatial sounds, began at 4pm and repeated every hour until 8pm; and continued through Sunday, October 12, from 10am through 6pm.

The program consisted of 3-dimensional demonstrations and excerpts from several compositions, among them David Monacchi's A Path into Rainforest - Africa, based on his trip into the Central African Republic in 2008; Joseph Anderson's Mpingo (2003); Natasha Barrett's Hidden Values - "Lock" (2012); Olivier Messiaen's Livre du Saint Sacrement (1984); Beatles' A Day in the Life (1967); and spatialization in a performance of Gioacchino Rossini's William Tell Overture.

SPACE, built to create and listen to works that involve the 3-dimensional spatialization of sound, is unique in Italy. Spatialization, in this context, means not only the directionality of sounds and simulated sound sources, but also the perceived distance and motion of a sound source as it moves through a virtual space. In general, spatialization has become an important new audio research priority.

The main goals of SPACE are research in acoustics, psychoacoustics, and acoustic ecology; testing software applications in the spatialization of sound; and composition, eco-acoustic composition, and music production for museums and other public presentations.