Olympic Wilderness

One of seven great events in 2013. If wilderness could speak, what would it say? This wonderful video of Olympic National Park, Washington State, focusing on the natural sounds of the park, is one of a series of videos produced by the National Park Service in different national parks.


At Olympic National Park the wilderness doesn't just speak...it sings! Enjoy the symphony of nature in one of the most acoustically diverse wilderness areas of the country as we follow the wilderness cry from the alpine region of the Olympic Mountains down through the canopies of the old growth forests and temperate rainforest into the raging waters of the wilderness coast. With 95% of its land a designated wilderness, Olympic National Park protects a unique and endangered resource: natural sound.

Need more info about the webisode series?

The Wilderness Stewardship Division of the National Park Service has partnered with Harpers Ferry Center and film students at American University to develop a webisode series called America's Wilderness. The collection of 3-5 minute webisodes take place in different wilderness parks across the country, featuring stories that capture an array of experiences shared between people and wilderness, from first time overnight camping trips to trail running and photography. These stories will help set the stage for NPS activities celebrating the upcoming 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act in 2014.


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