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xenakis&japanA step-ahead moment from Xenakis and Japan, an EMF production that took place on February 28, 2010 at Judson Church in New York, with Luca Veggetti, choreographer, dancers from SUNY Purchase, electronic works by Xenakis, and performances by Noh artist Ryoko Aoki, bassist Robert Black, and shakuhachi virtuoso James Nyoraku Schlefer.

Hello EMF Subscribers,

This is to bring you up to date on the evolution of EMF and its benefits to you.

The context for change was a general financial crisis in 2011 which caused serious problems for many New York arts organizations. EMF, as many other organizations, found it necessary to reorganize and rethink its programs.

In May 2012, we published this message on the home page of CDeMusic:

Since 1994, CDeMusic has been the retail program of Electronic Music Foundation. The mission of CDeMusic has been to bring all the hard-to-find and historically important new music CDs and materials to one location. Times are changing. CDs and books have become far more accessible and new technologies are replacing physical products. We are now restructuring many programs at EMF, including CDeMusic, and as a part of this change, we are no longer shipping physical CDs, books, or other materials ... We look forward to offering a new solution that will provide more opportunities and materials to a broader audience.

CDeMusic was not EMF's sole program. EMF's programs also included Arts Electric, a magazine/calendar with an online and email presence, one aspect of which was a list of professional opportunities; Ear to the Earth, focused on environmental sounds, produced annual festivals in New York and events elsewhere; EMF Productions, concerts and festivals in New York; EMF Media, publications and production of CDs; and The EMF Institute, an online collection of historical materials. All of EMF's programs have evolved into more powerful and timely plans and organizations.

Arts Electric has evolved into New Music World, a new organization launched on January 1, 2014. The mission of New Music World is to create a global circle of ideas, information, and opportunities related to new music. We're accomplishing that mission with an online newspaper/calendar, including a list of professional opportunities and messages, and email outreach. You can become a Participant member for free and list your events in the calendar. Or you can explore other forms of membership.


Ear to the Earth has evolved from its status as a program of EMF to become an independent organization with its own Board of Directors. Using sound and multimedia as its vehicle, its goals are to bring together a global community, foster awareness of climate-based problems, point to possible solutions, and bring people around the world together to create a spirit of collaboration in mitigating the effects of environmental change. Our plan for Ear to the Earth includes concerts, festivals, and public presentations, which are, in fact, an extension of EMF Productions.


EMF Media has evolved into Intelligent Arts, an electronic publishing company.


We have been planning to rebuild The EMF Institute as an online center for the history of electronic music through the 20th century, conveyed through stories, reports, sounds, and media, with pointers to materials and devices in other places. We are all getting older, but some of us are getting more older than others, and our experiences should be shared with new generations.

Thanks to Nancy Loeffler, we have begun this project. As of now we have a website, we are registered as a non-profit organization in New York State, and we are applying for tax exempt status.


Our next task is to begin the process of organizing a governance group that will support the project, guide its growth, ensure its sustainability, define goals, create an editorial organization, and discuss an ongoing structure. If you would like to participate in this project, please let me know.

Contact me at institute@emf.org

Joel Chadabe

Note: This article was last revised on October 7, 2016.