Hans Peter Kuhn: Vor Ort / On Site


In a small museum and church, in Gerswalde, a village near Angerm√ľnde in northeast Germany, Hans Peter Kuhn has created two sound installations that reflect the sites and the village.

Note: This installation was dismantled on April 22, 2014.

Ort Gross Fredenwalde 2, Gerswalde
Uckermark 17268 Germany

The organizer
Inge Mahn

Hans Peter Kuhn describes the installation:

"The museum was founded by artist Inge Mahn some years ago and is now regularly presenting art of all genres. The size of the museum fits the size of the village. It is tiny. But the people of the village use it and they like it. And, since it was created with the help of European Union Cultural Programs, it has an international flair.

"In the first installation, in the museum, a 60-channel piece plays back the sound of the interior of the space that was recorded throughout the entire day of July 25, 2013. Each of the sixty loudspeakers simultaneously plays back one fifteen-minute segment of the day-long recording. Parallel to the sound, six video monitors show six videos of the landscape behind the museum with the church and the stork on top of it. The video recordings were done at 4am, 8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm and 10pm throughout the same day of the sound recording."


"In the church, a sound-and-light installation with KODAK Carousel slide projectors, predecessors of the almighty Power Point software, will be seen. This presentation is focused on the sounds of the slide changes, processed with a computer thus creating a sound score to the slides that show color fields and photos from people of the village."