gateway730Photo by Walter Fotografie

Gateway, an interactive electroacoustic sculpture created by Benoit Maubrey from recycled loudspeakers, sound waves, and spectators’s voices, commissioned by MaerzMusik 2014, will stay in place until June 1 at Haus der Berliner Festspiele.

Gateway is made of 700 recycled loudspeakers integrated into the entrance of the Haus der Berliner Festspiel. All of the loudspeakers are connected in such a way that the sculpture as a whole functions as a single multi-channel loudspeaker. It is noticeable, however, that the sound is different according to the position of the listener: Each loudspeaker emits a unique sound.

The sculpture allows members of the public to speak out loud by calling a telephone number and expressing themselves "live" via the sculpture for 3 minutes.

An answering machine answers the calls and automatically relays the calls so that they can be amplified by the sculpture (calls are limited to 3 minutes). Visitors are also encouraged to participate by creating music with their smartphones and "broadcasting" them "live" via Bluetooth receivers installed in the sculpture. The sculpture is also available as a PA system for other public events and concerts during MaerzMusik 2014.

The sculpture also amplifies "recycled" (invisible) electromagnetic waves (white noise) that are produced by the incorporated radio receivers: the white noise sounds are low volume and are permanently hearable as a "background" sound that changes throughout the day. This is the "pulse" of the sculpture.

When & where
Until June 1, 2014
Haus de Berliner Festspiele
Berlin, Germany


Statement: Since 1985 I have been creating public sound sculptures using recycled electronics and loudspeakers. Mainly I use loudspeakers (also tuners, amplifiers) as "building blocks" to create monumental sculptures in public spaces.

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