Tips on using this site

x_danceIt's easy once you've been there a few times


It's all about events

Start on the home page. Click on a slideshow image and follow the link.


Find all events within a category

Click on Events Calendar in the Calendar menu. You'll be taken to the calendar page. Look at the sidebar on the right. Click on one of the lines under Event Categories. These are the possibilities:

Music, Sound Art, Multimedia (including film ...)
Environmental Sound (thematic presentation of environmental sound ...)
Dance, Theater
Gatherings (meetings, workshops ...)
Professional Opportunities (calls for submissions, jobs ... the dates are post date & deadline)
Forever There (permanent exhibitions, installations)
Publications (cds, apps, books, etc., temporarily in the calendar)


Find an event within a time range, with your friend performing, near a city

Click on Events Calendar in the Calendar menu.

Browse. You can progress through the calendar at your own speed, opening up whichever event pages appeal to you.

Find an event. You can also find a specific event. Click on the Find an event bar. Three options appear: Events From, Search, Near.

Find a time range. Click on Events From. A calendar appears. Select a date.
Find something or someone somewhere. Type an identifying word or two under Search.
Find a place. Click on Near. Type a city in or near an event.

Use any or all of Events From, Search, and Near at the same time if you like. But be aware that if you specify more than one, your search will be this AND that.

Return to the whole calendar. Clear everything you've entered at Events From, Search, and Near. Click on the Find an event bar. Then open a calendar event.


Find information

Click on a name tag in the home page sidebar.

Click on Articles in the menu bar. Then ...
• Click Connections for articles relating to events.
• Click Reports for selected events that have already happened.
• Click Opinions for posts with opinions or personal reflections.
• Click Members for articles relevant to members.
• Click About this site for articles about this site.