Pompidou Center Paris: Totem et Tattoo

totem700The image is from an animation video by Lévèque Bernard. To see the entire video, with music by Sebastian Roux, go here.

Totem et tattoo is the result of an invitation from the Pompidou Center to Olivier Vadrot — "Aujourd’hui, j'occupe un territoire particulier à l’intersection de champs différents comme l’art, l’architecture, le théâtre et la musique" — to develop the concept for an exhibition aimed at children between 6 and 12.

Vadrot designed Totem et Tattoo as a number of tents, resembling a village of teepees, installed in the Children's Gallery in which children can view, in an intimate, imaginative, surreal environment with spectacular imagery and colors, projections of works by several of the important artists of the 20th century, among them Alexander Calder, Joan Miró, Victor Brauner, Man Ray, and Max Ernst. Writer Pierre Senges created an imaginary history of the village for which composer Sébastian Roux created the music.

Children visiting the village are equipped with a walking audioguide and flashlight. They follow an exploratory path through a fantasy world that includes a meeting with the tribal chief Pupyopac, a major collector of 20th-century art, and an exploration of the artworks, these famous 'totems and tatoos' of our 20th-century ancesters.

When & where
April 12 — September 22, 2014
Centre Pompidou, Place Georges-Pompidou
Paris 4e, France