Tips on Listing

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A few introductory words

This is a guide to make it easy for you, as a member in New Music World, to list an event in the New Music World calendar.

Note that once you submit a calendar listing, you will not have further access to it. If you need to add, correct, or otherwise change something, we'll be glad to help. Contact us at

Important: Don't forget to click on the Submit Event button at the bottom of the page. The event listing should appear immediately in the calendar.


Get Started

Start in the Calendar menu (on every page under the logo) and select List Your Event. A form will appear.

What follows here is the content that you'll be asked to provide for the form.



Short is sweet.

Use a colon if you like, as in J S Bach: Fifth Symphony.

Or use this tag — <-br> (without the hyphen) — to put part of the title on another line. Presenter<-br>Artist, for example, will show up as

New York Festival
J S Bach's Fifth Symphony



The description really tells your story. Note that the space in the form is expandable by dragging from the lower right corner.

We recommend that you create the content and format it in a separate word processing document so that you can copy and paste it as a whole into the description line in the calendar form.

Your post can be as it would be in a normally-written document. No worries about formatting.

Or you can format it using some html tags. What follows here are some tag tips in writing the description.

The first line should be a brief description of the event. To make it strong, it can be surrounded by these tags: <-h2> and <-/h2> (without the hyphens). Using the tags, the line will look like this:

This is the first line in the description which introduces the event.

To format a word in bold letters, surround it with these tags: <-strong> and <-/strong> (without the hyphens). With the tags, without the hyphens, J S Bach's name would look like: J S Bach

You may want to format words in italics. Use these tags: <-em> and <-/em> (without hyphens) and the result will be 5th Symphony.

Use &-nbsp; (without the hyphen) to create a greater-than-normal space between paragraphs.

Put <-p>&-nbsp;<-/p> (without hyphens) on a separate line at the end of your description.

If you'd like a template for your particular listings, let us know. We can help with the formatting and email the template to you.



Select one or more.



Note that the image input line will appear only if you're a Professional member.

Choose an image that illustrates the event or attracts attention to it. The image should preferably be at least 800x400 pixels.


Date and time

Here are two often-used situations:

1. Dates and times. Easy. When you've entered the dates and times, click the done buttons.

2. Dates but no times. Set the start and end dates. Click in the 'All Day Event?' box and the times will disappear.



If your venue was used before, it will show up from the database. If not, provide whatever information you know.



Provide whatever information you know.


Event url

If you have a special url for the event, fill it in.


Things to remember

1. We're here to help. Changes, additions, corrections, encouragement ... contact us at

2. Click on the Submit Event button at the bottom of the page. Your event listing should show up in the calendar, at the place that corresponds to its date, immediately after you click the Submit Event button.