In C App


ChampdAction, in collaboration with Jazzperiments and Concertgebouw Brugge, is proud to announce its In C App.

The In C App allows anyone, anywhere, and at any time to perform In C online with other players anywhere in the world. By simply clicking ‘Join’, anyone, anywhere can contribute to a world-wide performance of In C. You can start playing the app and the piece on every smartphone, tablet, or computer. Join whenever you like! A new session starts every hour on the hour.

In C is made up of 53 short melodic patterns that are to be performed in a specifically prescribed order. Each pattern may be repeated as frequently as the performer desires. Each musician chooses a register and the patterns he/she would like to play. And the innate ability of the app to play in time, without even wavering off the beat makes you really understand how to perform the music. The resulting patterns – caused by the different layers of musical fragments – sound better when the tempo is strictly the same. To help players achieve an attentive ear and clear communication, we have added a chat-box.

To perform In C, go here

ChampdAction is an innovative production platform/ensemble for multidisciplinary music projects. Attentive to contemporary tensions between culture, technology and society, ChampdAction generates and encourages new artistic musical responses. It offers a professional open stage where homemade creations engage in dialogue with collaboration projects, from individual musicians to ensembles, and where music interacts with other arts.

Jazzperiment’s goal is to implement new technological developments of sound processing in music, theatre and visual art.

Concertgebouw Brugge is an international music and performing arts centre, devoted to the development and presentation of art at an international level. It focuses on music and contemporary dance. With its Sound Factory (interactive space for sound art) and its collection of visual art, the Concertgebouw provides enduring opportunities for the (active) experiencing of contemporary art. A pronounced emphasis on creativity and imagination takes its programming beyond the mere presentation of art. Underpinned by its extensive art educational activities for children, adolescents and adults, the Concertgebouw offers intense artistic experiences, in optimal circumstances, to a wide and diverse audience, both in Flanders and beyond.

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