Michael Rhoades
Amber Orbs in a White Infinity


Michael Rhoades writes:

I conceived Amber Orbs in a White Infinity as a metaphysical idea that has been persistent in my mind for many years. In general, philosophy seems to be focused upon the assumed premise that the only method we have of discerning “truth” or reality is through thought and that thought itself is reinforced as the epitome of human development. However, from my perspective, anyone can think anything they choose and call it real. Further, as human beings we are capable of sensing only an extremely small portion of the multiverse in which we seem to exist. Therefore, I propose that we simply…
Amber Orbs in a White Infinity
strands of burning white light

extending in all dimension

in all direction

infinite being

beyond all knowing


unbounded strands of living light

ever oscillating cosmic dance

undulating indescribable relationship

ebb and flow of eternity

joyously creating universes in which to play

though eons fade away in the slightest twitch

substance imagined

as if reality did not exist

lifetimes played out

dramas unfold

ever leading onward

consciousness within the dream

ecstasy in such moment

as all is revealed

light abounds

immense golden web

thin line between

imaginings and infinity

comical little lives (lies)

and infinite being(s)

The Whispering
Amber Orbs
White Infinity
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
No Mind

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Michael Rhoades composes music from a contemporary perspective augmented by various score-synthesis techniques. He elicits musical events from generative algorithms. Numerical representations of aural quanta are mixed and blended into formal elements using varied catalysts such as tendency masks, mathematical equations, sonifications, cellular automata, score based sampling and others in an unending quest for emergent sounds.

His works have been performed world wide in concerts, festivals, and used in pedagogical applications. He has presented many lectures throughout the US and Canada.