Broadway 1602
David Tudor’s Rainforest V

rainforest2015700Installation of Rainforest V at Broadway 1602. Photo by Joel Chadabe.

The sounds of Rainforest V at Broadway 1602

Open to the public from January 29 to March 4 2015 at Broadway 1602, this installation of Rainforest V, a sound and sculptural installation created by Composers Inside Electronics after a concept by David Tudor, is a ‘rainforest of objects’ that generate sound as the audience wanders through the gallery space.
The history of the work began in 1968 when David Tudor received a commission from the Merce Cunningham Dance Company to create music for a dance. Tudor responded with Rainforest.
Thanks to Composers Inside Electronics (CIE) — Matthew Rogalsky, John Driscoll, and Phil EdelsteinRainforest evolved during the years to become a sound and sculptural environment composed of objects that were suspended in the air and that vibrated at their resonant frequencies.

rainforest700Installation of Rainforest IV, 1981, Neuberger Museum, Purchase NY. Photo by Phil Edelstein.

The audience is invited to wander among the objects while listening to the sounds. The early version was described by Tudor as an environmental piece in that it becomes an ambience for the public. It was later described as an electronic ecology because it changed in time.
Rainforest is viewed today as one of the pioneering and most legendary and remarkable works of sound art.