PFL Traject
Pascal Pariaud, Jean-Charles François, Gilles Laval

pfl700PFL Traject, aka Pascal Pariaud, Jean-Charles François, Gilles Laval

PFL Traject is three musicians—clarinettist Pascal Pariaud, percussionist Jean-Charles François, electric guitarist Gilles Laval—with different backgrounds but a common interest in the role of music in education.
Between January and May 2012, they developed a pedagogical project in eastern France, around the towns of Nancy and Strasbourg, that was supported by the Centre André Malraux in Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy. The workshops were for musicians, dancers, teachers, children, and amateurs, a clearly heterogeneous group in age, competency levels, use of technologies (amplified instruments/ non amplified instruments), artistic domains (dance and music), status (professional musicians, amateurs, students, pupils), and aesthetics (classical contemporary music, contemporary dance, jazz, popular music, world music). The workshops culminated in two public performances, one in Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy, near Nancy, as part of the Festival Musique-Action, and one at the Maison des Arts of Lingolsheim, near Strasbourg.
For the musicians in PFL Traject, out of it came, first, the concept of “encountering”, in which a diversity of people meet to develop an artistic project together; and, second, the idea of “co-constructing the sound”, in which participants learn how to create "shared" sounds. Jean-Charles François, at the Festival Musique-Action in Nancy in 2012, said, "The idea of encountering is related to the notion of unity of differences. The encountering is not designed to erase or change the differences, but to foster mutual understanding, to be able to do something in common. The encountering, however, implies inevitably that everyone is confronted with change, the capacity to face it, the acceptance of what might happen."

The following sound clips are taken from a series of recordings.

And from February 11 to February 27, 2015, PFL Traject performed or conducted workshop/performances at various places in New York City, among them at Columbia University, Composers Now Festival, and NYU, and in California, among them the Fresh Sound Music Series, University of California at San Diego, University of California at Santa Barbara, Mills College, and Stanford University.
The following video was made by Kevin Reilly at Firehouse Space in Brooklyn, New York, on February 12, 2015, as part of the Composers Now Festival. James Ilgenfritz joins the group during this concert. Thanks to Kevin Reilly for the video.


Jean-Charles François has performed as soloist throughout Europe at Domaine Musicale, Ensemble Ars Nova, Ensemble Musique Vivante, SüdWestfunk, Hessische Rundfunk, West Deutsche Rundfunk, Palermo Festival, Venice Festival, Zagreb Festival, BBC London, Sender Freies Berlin, and other venues. He was co-director of the Centre de Musique at the American Center in Paris and Musical Director of the Théâtre de la Cité Internationale and lecturer at Paris VIII University. He founded the improvisation group KIVA in the United States with trombonist John Silber and toured extensively through the United States, Mexico, Europe, and Australia. He has published research articles on timbre and improvisation as well as a book on percussion titled Percussion et Musique Contemporaine. He was Director of the CEFEDEM Rhône-Alpes, a center to train music school teachers. As a a member the contemporary music ensemble Aleph, based in Paris, he toured extensively.
Gilles Laval has worked at Chef Menteur (a musical company), Impur with Fred Frith, La Douzaine (12 composers/performers of rock and contemporary music), Triple G (slam electro noise) … Over several years, his approach to music has given a greater importance to improvisation, in solo situation (Passes), with ephemeral meetings (Noel Akchoté, René Lussier, Laurent Grappe…), and in groups such as Triple G, PFL Traject, and Akuanosti (with Camel Zekri). He composes music for dance and theatre. As faculty at the Villeurbanne National Music School he created “Scènes musicales”, a project for supporting groups of young musicians living in deprived areas of the city. Since 2000 he has been a professor at the Cefedem Rhône-Alpes, in Lyon, with the responsibility to educate future popular music teachers.
Pascal Pariaud plays with many ensembles of contemporary music (Ensemble Forum, Aleph, …) and he created a solo theatre piece at the IX Festival Alternativo de Teatro, Musica y Danza in Madrid, Spain. He teaches clarinet and improvisation at the Villeurbanne National Music School and the pedagogy of chamber music and improvisation at the Cefedem Rhône-Alpes for the music teachers of the region. He plays early music instruments (chalumeaux, early clarinets) in several ensembles (Ensemble Philidor, La Grande Ecurie and La Chambre du Roy with J.C. Malgoire, Les Talents Lyriques with C.Rousset, the Concerto Polacco of Varsovie, the orchestra of l’Hostel Dieu, Opera Fuoco with David Stern, Les Concerts de l’Astrée avec Emmanuelle Haïm, Stradivaria, l’Ensemble A Venti. He is a member of La Douzaine, a collective of improvising musicians, of Octobando, a Turkish marching band, and of PFL Traject.


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