Scott Miller
Tipping Point


New Focus Recordings

Scott L. Miller writes: "In general, I take a collaborative approach to composing, often improvising with performers and using electronics, and I re-imagine sound by listening through the sonic lens of 21st-century technology. I find the inner-workings of sound to be fascinating, and I draw inspiration from the exquisite, often microscopic, dynamics that we find in the sounds of the natural world. Improvisation, electronics, an awareness of sound, and a lot of hands-on experimentation and collaboration with classically-trained performers, early music specialists, jazzers, members of famous rock-'n-roll bands, and even a band of robots, have led me to create a diverse body of work."

Tipping Point (excerpt)

Tipping Point, the composition for which this album is named, was written for and with Zeitgeist, a new-music performance group based in Minneapolis. The release of this CD celebrates the first decade of the Zeitgeist-Miller collaboration. Artists: Zeitgeist, Heather Barringer, marimba, Patti Cudd, vibraphone/percussion, Pat O’Keefe, bass clarinet, Shannon Wettstein, piano, Scott L. Miller, electronics.

Forth and Back (excerpt)

Forth and Back is a setting of the poem by Catalan poet Felip Costaglioli. Artists: Zeitgeist, Heather Barringer, marimba, Patti Cudd, vibraphone/percussion, Pat O' Keefe, clarinet/bass clarinet, Julie Sweet, piano, Carrie Henneman Shaw, soprano.

Pure Pleasure (excerpt)

Pure Pleasure is the result of a day-long recording session with Patti Cudd improvising on the snare drum with interactive electronics. Scott L. Miller told Patti Cudd, "It is just about the pure pleasure of performing the rhythms." Artists: Zeitgeist, Patti Cudd, snare drums, Scott L. Miller, electronics.

Twilight (excerpt)

Twilight is the final work in The Cosmic Engine, a multimedia chamber opera collaboratively created with Pat O’Keefe, and video-artist Rosemary Williams. Artists: Zeitgeist, Heather Barringer, vibraphone, Pat O’Keefe, bass clarinet, Carrie Henneman Shaw, soprano, Scott L. Miller, electronics. Walt Whitman’s poem, Twilight, was published in 1887, late in his life.

        The soft voluptuous opiate shades,
        The sun just gone, the eager light dispell’d--(I too
            will soon be gone, dispell’d,)
        A haze--nirwana--rest and night--oblivion.
                            —Walt Whitman

Fun House (excerpt)

Fun House is by Scott L. Miller and Pat O’Keefe together. It led to the creation of more works for clarinet/bass clarinet and electronics, and ultimately Willful Devices, their collaborative duo. Artists: Zeitgeist, Pat O’Keefe, bass clarinet, Scott L. Miller, electronics.

Consortia (excerpt)

Consortia is based on the works of two English Renaissance composers, William Byrd and John Jenkins. Cellist Jacqueline Ultan plays the Jenkins melody, then others, including a computer, join in. Artists: Zeitgeist, Heather Barringer, marimba, Patti Cudd, vibraphone, Pat O’Keefe, clarinet, Julie Sweet, piano, Carrie Henneman Shaw, soprano, Scott L. Miller, electronics.


About the composer

Scott L. Miller is a composer of electroacoustic, orchestral, chamber, choral and multimedia works. Known for his interactive electroacoustic chamber music and experimental performance pieces, he has twice been named a McKnight Composer Fellow, is a Fulbright Scholar, and his work has been recognized by numerous international arts organizations. He is a Professor of Music at St. Cloud State University, Minnesota, where he teaches composition, electroacoustic music and theory, and is currently President of the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the U.S. (SEAMUS). He holds degrees from The University of Minnesota, The University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill and the State University of New York at Oneonta, and has studied composition at the Czech-American Summer Music Institute and the Centre de Création Musicale Iannis Xenakis (CCMIX).
Lauded for providing "a once-in-a-lifetime experience for adventurous concertgoers," Zeitgeist is a new music chamber ensemble comprised of two percussion, piano and woodwinds. Always eager to explore new artistic frontiers, Zeitgeist collaborates with composers of all types to create imaginative new work that challenges the boundaries of traditional chamber music. The members of Zeitgeist are: Heather Barringer, percussion; Patti Cudd, percussion; Pat O’Keefe, woodwinds; Nicola Melville, piano.