Monty Adkins


Borderlands is an extended meditation for multi-tracked cellos. Commissioned for an immersive installation by IOU Theatre, Borderlands was recorded by cellist William Mace whose sensuous tone gives the album a resonant warmth. The piece is based on a text by Deborah Templeton that explored liminal states of consciousness.

The piece comprises of six interludes and six extended panels, each comprising twenty-eight short melodic fragments. Each panel uses the same fragments to form new melodies and harmonies, and together they create an intense and immersive ambient listening experience that extends the perception of time.

The single 37:45 minute track gradually moves from rich, low overlapping melodic lines at the beginning to a fragile ethereal extended line in the highest range of the cello at the end.

The beginning (excerpt)

The end (excerpt)


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About the artist

Monty Adkins is a sound artist based in the North of England. His work draws together elements from ambient, minimal electronica, modern classical and experimental electronic music. This is his fourth album for Audiobulb.