Monty Adkins
Unfurling Streams

Unfurling Streams is a series of compositions based on recordings of percussion instruments made by Jonny Axelsson and Monty Adkins with photographs and artwork by Stephen Harvey.
The work is inspired by a line by e.e. cummings, “for whatever we lose (like a you or a me), it’s always our self we find in the sea.” In Unfurling Streams, the ‘stream’ reflects life—something continually flowing, evolving, and changing. Eddies, currents, pools and spray also are suggestive of ways in which the stream makes its way through the landscape and are clearly reflected in the images and sounds created for this project.

Excerpts from each of the six tracks


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Monty Adkins is a composer, performer and professor of experimental electronic music. His work is characterised by slow shifting organic textures often derived from processed instrumental sounds. Inhabiting a post-acousmatic sensibility, his work draws together elements from ambient, acousmatic, noise, and microsound music. He is also active as a writer and concert curator.
Indulging his passion for contemporary art, he has written on the relationship between painting and music, as well as the aesthetics of digital music and the electronic music of Roberto Gerhard. He is Co-Artistic Director of the Electric Spring Festival. Held in Huddersfield, annually, this festival focuses on live electronic music and experimental performance.