John Palmer


Vision Edition
Composers Edition

John Palmer writes:

"I have always been fascinated by the marvels of the human mind, spellbound by the inventive potential of many musicians and eager to know how they feel about life and relate to their own work ... A heartfelt discussion with a musician can generate unparalleled knowledge of the musical work, prompt alternative discoveries about artistic creation and trigger a new awareness of the world through the shared experience of others ... This book comprises 20 conversations conducted over a timespan of 25 years, from 1990 to 2015. I prefer to call them conversations rather than “interviews”, as I believe they reflect the spirit that characterises the dialogue: these are discussions between fellow musicians and musical friends."

Celso Antunes
Richard Barrett
John Cage
Lawrence Casserley
Simon Emmerson
Luc Ferrari
Michael Finnissy
Jim Franklin
Dame Evelyn Glennie
Vinko Globokar
Jonty Harrison
Jonathan Harvey
Folkmar Hein on the Electronic Studio at the Technical University of Berlin
Carol Morgan on the piano music by Roman Haubenstock-Ramati
Heloise Ph. Palmer on Muïesis
Nuria Schönberg-Nono on Arnold Schönberg, her father, and Luigi Nono, her husband
Modern Art Ensemble of Berlin
Elliott Sharp
Daniel Teruggi and the INA-GRM in Paris
James Wood


John Palmer has composed in different genres from songwriting to instrumental, choral, chamber, electroacoustic and orchestral composition, and as a pianist he has performed free-jazz as well as contemporary music. In 1991 he founded Vision Studios and produced CDs on Animato, Sargasso, Taukay, Electroschock, and other labels. As an author, his book on Jonathan Harvey’s Bhakti was widely admired, and in 2013 he founded Vision Edition, a publishing environment for new music.