Lois V Vierk
Words Fail Me



Lois V Vierk writes: "I've always felt equally drawn to the West and to the East, in terms of my analytical training in Western music and the musical principles I learned during twelve years of actively studying and performing gagaku, ancient Japanese court music. In my own music, pure sensuous beauty is often a starting point. I work with emotional expressiveness and with many kinds of sound relationships as well, to build form and structure."


01 Excerpt

To Stay Astonished at the Sea (1994)
Claudia Rüegg, piano

02 Excerpt

Demon Star (1996)
Theodore Mook, cello; Matthew Gold, marimba

03 Excerpt

Timberline (1991)
Relâche: Laurel Wyckoff, flute; Ken Ulansey, clarinet; Chuck Holdeman, bassoon; Kathleen Carroll, viola; Douglas Mapp, bass; John Dulik, piano; Helen Carnevale, percussion; Lloyd Shorter, conductor

04 Excerpt

Words Fail Me I (2005)
Theodore Mook, cello; Margaret Kampmeier, piano

05 Excerpt  

Words Fail Me II (2005)
Theodore Mook, cello; Margaret Kampmeier, piano

About the composer

Lois V Vierk has a multi-cultural background, from studying at the California Institute of the Arts with Morton Subotnick to studying Gagaku in Los Angeles and Japan. Her music, composed in many mediums from solo piano to chamber ensemble to unusual groups such as 18 trombones, and orchestra, has been performed widely throughout the world.