Joel Chadabe
Ages of Improv

pfl800√PFL Traject, aka Jean-Charles François, Gilles Laval, Pascal Pariaud

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What follows here is a succession of types of musical improvisation, from one group, in which everyone contributes their notes within a clear framework, to an exchange of ideas between individual musicians with different sounds.

1938     Louis Armstrong When the Saints Go Marching In

Note that the improvisational passages are linked to playing with the tune, the rhythm, and the harmonic changes. The musicians are playing as a group.

1947     Thelonius Monk Round Midnight

The instruments are more independent, adding personalities, but still held together as a group.

1960     Ornette Coleman Change of the Century

Extremely independent. Simultaneities.

1996     Machine for Making Sense Talk is Cheap

Independence and interaction. Different sounds that complement each other together.

2005     Leroy Jenkins Revolutionary Ensemble Configuration

Independent musicians coming together.

2015     PFL Traject

Bringing different sounds together into an interactive process. For a video, and more information about this group, go here


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