Joel Chadabe
What Songs do Sounds Sing?

manhattanfromthehudsonatnightManhattan from the Hudson River at night

We hear sounds from four different perspectives.
First, we identify the physical character of a sound. Is it loud, soft? Is it broadband or narrowband? Is it noise or is it pitched? High or low?

Second, how does a sound communicate? Is it friendly or are we in danger? What is its proximity? Does it surround us? In fact every person, every animal, needs to express itself, even a jaguar in the Amazon.

Bernie Krause

Tom Beyer recorded this sound from the Clearwater Sloop at night on the Hudson

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Third, how do our environmental sounds tell us how to think? How does it define our space? What does reverberation mean?
Fourth, how do we appreciate the sound? Is it beautiful? What emotions does it convey? What is the sound telling us?