Rangely, Colorado
About The TANK


"In a world of din and visual bombast, we all seek quiet places where our ears can reach out, where the basic urge to listen is rewarded greatly. The most profound such place I know is The TANK, an abandoned water tank — 65 feet tall and 40 feet wide — in the Colorado desert. Sound in this enclosure takes on a life of its own, an overwhelming 4 dimensional presence that lives and transforms, expanding one’s sense of what is possible. Each visitor leaves The TANK with a fresh set of ears and new respect for the power of music and sound. I have learned so much over the years from listening and making sounds in this exquisite space. Now we have the opportunity to make this experience available to others so they can find their own sound, make their own projects and recordings, have their ears opened by The TANK, and be enriched in their lives and their art." — Bruce Odland, composer, founder of The TANK Center for the Sonic Arts
"There are so few places in the world to listen and play in a completely unique space, and this is one of the world's coolest new venues." — Laurie Anderson, performance artist
tankday800The TANK, as discovered in 1976, stands outside Rangely, Colorado, in the high shale desert hills. The TANK and the new container/ recording studio now stands ready to open as an international Center for Sonic Arts.
Tom Wasinger sends the sound of his Weissenborn slide guitar into The TANK's outrageous resonant space.
Ron Miles, trumpet master, plays his horn in the amazing acoustics of The TANK with Bruce Odland and Mark McCoin on percussion. The TANK is an acoustic wonder, a giant abandoned steel water tank with up to 40 seconds of reverberation in the high desert of Rangely, Colorado.


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