Jaap Blonk
Traces of Speech


Here's Gossip of Truth, a track from Jaap Blonk's album Traces of Speech.

He writes:
"For Traces of Speech I made drawings that derive from my functional sound poetry scores, but are somewhat emancipated from that, so they live somehow half-way between score and visual poetry.
"By offering these drawings to optical character recognition software I created texts in English and German. They are of course nonsense texts with a large amount of punctuation signs and the like. I took up the challenge to recite these texts, finding different forms of interpretation: percussive sounds, glissandi, whispering etc.
"The electronic sounds were generated by importing the same drawings as raw data files into audio software, and then treated algorithmically. This material I reworked into a tightly knit musical statement with no intention of personal expression."



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