Joel Chadabe
Advanced Computer Music Composition

150605_jcinteraction700May 5, 2015, International Workshop on Interactivity in Music Composition & Performance at CIRMMT, McGill University, Montreal, presented by IRCAM / CIRMMT

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This is not a textbook.

These pages are addenda to a course in musical composition with electronics. What happens in the course? First, information. I often say: If all you know is two words, you can't write a good book. The wider your knowledge, the better you'll know what you want to do. Second, experience in creativity. The more you receive useful feedback, the better you'll know how to do what you want to do. Put simply, it's what to do and how to do it.

You Can Do Anything
But here are some things to think about
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What Songs do Sounds Sing?
We hear sounds from different perspectives
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Listening List
Music from the 21st century
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