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New Music World is a global exchange, accessible by professionals or public, for information, ideas, and resources related to new music.

Here’s the way it works. To get the big picture, go here first:

Memberships ...

Become a Participant. Or become a Professional, Special, or Business member.

Use the calendar without charge as a Participant member.

It’s easy, free, and fast. Enter your events in two steps.

Step 1. Sign in as a Participant to have an id and a password.

Step 2. Click on the CALENDAR menu in the menu bar on every page and select ‘List Your Event’. Fill in the form that appears. We suggest that you write the description and then copy it into the correct slot. We also suggest that you include the date&time and venue in the description as well as in the calendar form.

Enter any events, publications, professional opportunities, or comments. Events have a date. Publications (CDs, books, etc) should be listed start&stop for no longer than two weeks. Professional opportunities, i.e. competitions, jobs, calls for compositions, start when posted and end on the deadline date. Comments, by professionals or members of an interested public, should be listed for no more than a month (depending upon the content, editors will adjust the online time).

There is a bug in the calendar software. You cannot list new venues. But there are two workarounds. Send us the venue address in a separate email before you write the post. Or include the venue in the descriptive text and let us know. Once your new venue has been listed it will be available forever.

With any problem, or correction, or change in your listing, send an email to

Not to worry. In general, we’re hovering over posts, and when we see a problem, we snap into action.

Benefit further as a Professional member. Or as a Special member.

Enter blog posts (any writing related to an event, including commentary after an event, or your description of an invention, or an idea) by entering your text, images, sound files, and date of submission, and we’ll take it from there.

At your request, we can post your books and CDs, with images and sounds, on forever pages (as against calendar pages).

At your request, we can create a portfolio of your work to be accessed from the home page sidebar. A portfolio is several listings kept together by a tag on the homepage. Those works can illustrate what you’ve done in past years, or your current listings, or ... let us know how you would like to use a portfolio.

We’ll help with formatting your calendar posts.

And we’ll do our best to promote your work on the home page, by email, and social media.

Memberships ...

If you’re a Business, we’ll be delighted to meet you.