Ear to the Earth
Paul Geluso & Lars Graugaard
Thin Air


Photos of the 3D Sound Object were taken in St. Cornelius Chapel on Governors Island, New York, during the presentation of Phloq, an installation created by Suzanne Thorpe.

Ear to the Earth presents Thin Air, a Special Event concert performed by Paul Geluso and Lars Graugaard to demonstrate the unique sounds of the 3D Sound Object.

As Paul Geluso describes it, "What is the 3D Sound Object? What is the sound? What are we doing? It s fantastic! Special. An adventure in listening. Whereas traditional sound synthesis is usually done electronically then projected through loudspeakers, the 3D Sound Object purposely causes electronic sound sources to be summed, subtracted, and filtered in the air. To my surprise, the in-air processing technique creates a complex and evolving physical sound sculpture that can be experienced from several perspectives. To my knowledge, it's a one of a kind. I can't predict how everyone will perceive the sound, but everyone who has heard it is excited."

When & where
Thursday, December 1, 2016 @ 8pm
WhiteBox Sound Lab, 329 Broome Street
New York

$10 at the door.
Or pay in advance online and your admission will include a year's Participant membership in Ear to the Earth. Your name will be your ticket.
Lars Graugaard adds, "Working with Paul Geluso's 3D Sound Object in Thin Air isn't like any other sound amplification techniques. It creates in fact an entirely different notion of sound amplification - what it is, what it can be. It's a rich, immersive impact on the senses. And the unparalleled opportunities it offers gives a whole new meaning to the conception of a 'sound.' It wraps you in a three-dimensional space."


Paul Geluso discusses the 3D Sound Object:

"I am researching and developing 3D speaker systems that can reproduce complex directional sound radiation characteristics. This system can be used by sound artists, composers, and performers to give physical shape to their amplified sound works. With this system, sound works can be reproduced in acoustic spaces as virtual 3D sound sculptures from a physical source. The system will be able to model radiation characteristics of acoustic instruments, spatialize existing recorded sounds, and create synthesized sounds with complex radiation characteristics in 3 dimensions.
"Conventional speakers transmit sound directionally. Point source speakers transmit the same sound in all directions. The 3-D speaker will be capable of producing complex sound radiation patterns like that of real acoustic instruments thus creating the virtual 3D Sound Object.
"The sonic experience is enhanced by the acoustical space creating a site-specific evolving immersive experience for the audience."