Look ahead

Three wishes for the new year.

Happiness for sure. We also wish you an enjoyable and fulfilling future in the world of new music.

And more, if you're a new music professional, we also wish you success in sharing your work throughout the world.

New Music World can help with success.

Participate. We can offer free, fast and easy access to making your work known.

Be a Professional. We can also support your fundraising efforts, create pages for streaming your CDs, and give you presence in our social media.

You're Special. What’s new this year? A customized portfolio containing past events, reviews, articles, streaming sounds, or whatever might be useful in applying for grants, jobs, fundraising, and other aspects of your professional work.

The benefits are reflected in tiers of membership.

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A few comments

Aleba Gartner, publicist

We love New Music World! Where else can one go to learn of the coolest sound art, experimental music, and global sounds happening not just in our city but around the world? Where else does that event that falls not exactly in classical, jazz or world music fit in? It’s a much-needed source for information, especially these days.

Joan La Barbara, performer, composer

New Music World is an excellent way to find out what's going on in NYC and the world. And it's an excellent way to let the world at large know about your activities.

Isabelle Deconinck, publicist

An incredible resource for new music events and news for the professional as well as the aficionado. I do not know of any other online site providing such information to the New York City and global community.

Gen Ken Montgomery, composer

New World Music gives me a pleasing sampling of what contemporary music and sound artists are doing around the globe. Seeing my performances posted is a nice way to feel part of a international community of listeners.

Our idea

Music brings people together.

The whole point of New Music World is to bring people together around the world, to share the music and the ideas behind the music, and to create and sustain a new music global exchange of ideas and opportunities.