A Tribute to Pauline Oliveros
The Apple Box Orchestra


This tribute, which took place at the Fridman Gallery in New York on January 8 2017, began at 6pm with performances by Seth Cluett, Maria Chavez, Peter Evans and Nate Wooley, Leila Bordreuil, and Susie Ibarra.

The major moment, however, began at 8pm with the Apple Box Orchestra, a piece for ten performers by Pauline Oliveros accompanied and extended by telematic streaming, supplemental collaborative performers and contributed sound files.

The live performers were Tom Beyer, Michael Bullock, Joel Chadabe, Seth Cluett, John Driscoll, Phil Edelstein, Joshua Fried, Susie Ibarra, John King, Ron Kuivila, Eric Leonardson, Alan Licht, Paula Matthusen, Liz Phillips, Michael Schumacher, and Hans Tammen. There were sound files from Warren Burt, Danny McCarthy, Al Margolis, Phill Niblock, Aura Satz, and Stephen Vitiello. The telematic performers were Shelley Burgon, Stephan Moore, and Spencer Topal.

Seth Cluett wrote in the program: "When I started playing the apple box with Pauline, the most important part of the experience was the search for things to make sound THROUGH the apple box. In the different versions we've clamped rulers, metal and glass plates, car parts, branches to them. We've bowed them with rods (thread metal and smooth wood), placed resonant objects like bottles and small containers on top, wired them up with springs and more ..."

The gallery was crowded. The performers played from various places around the space. The sounds were lively.