Michael Robinson
Lilac Dawn


Lilac Dawn (2017) Includes three contrasting compositions, scored for piano, tabla, dholak, dhol, drums, female voices, Chinese gong, tanpura; clarinet, trumpet, shahnai, kawala, oud, kane, tabla, Indonesian cymbal, furin bell, ban gu, drums, tanpura; and kemanche, altered bells, male voices

Lilac Dawn
Yellow Chandelier
Morning Star


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With the predominant influences upon my music being jazz and Indian classical music, it's entirely natural that my compositions sound as if they are improvised, which is my intention together with hopefully imparting a sense of synergistic being and unity. I endeavor for each work to possess a unique arc and personality. Given the improvisational quality it possesses, some may be surprised to learn that my music is fully notated.

Both my melodic and rhythmic writing is based upon the vocal and vocal-like tendency and preference practiced by my favorite musicians and composers from America, India, Europe and elsewhere. Percussion is the purist of all melodic pursuits for myself, seeking coloristic shadings that form "melas" of their own.

What I have managed to absorb and assimilate from the music I love, assembling into new forms comprised of mutually complimentary ingredients, stems purely from corporeal, intellectual, spiritual and emotive passion.
Michael Robinson, February 2017, Los Angeles