Mashkoor Ali Khan and Anindo Chatterjee


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Transcendence, released on the Nimbus Alliance label, brings together master Indian classical vocalist Mashkoor Ali Khan with the extraordinary tabla virtuoso Anindo Chatterjee to create sublime music reflecting the depths of their respective centuries old musical traditions.
First of a two-part release, this CD contains five very special compositions drawn from Khan's rich and unparalleled collection of traditional ragas and bandishes. The tracks reflect a diverse set of ragas evoking a range of emotions from a short and lively taranaa in Bhupali to a deep and soulful rendition of Jhinjhoti.

Mashkoor Ali Khan's music is the full manifestation of one of the oldest continuous music lineages in the world. The Kirana gharana can be traced directly to the legendary musician Gopal Nayak of the 13th century and it has been passed down through consecutive generations of Khan Sahib's family. The name of this school of music derives from Kairana, a small town in Uttar Pradesh where Khan Sahib was born. The international esteem of this gharana is testimony to the genius of Khan Sahib's two great-uncles, Ustad Abdul Karim Khan and Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan, who were both born in or near Kairana in 1872, and who were largely responsible for innovating and popularizing the gharana. It is in Kairana where Khan Sahib lived and received his early training from his father, Ustad Shakoor Khan, the esteemed disciple and devoted sarangi player for Wahid Khan.


Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan comes from a distinguished musical line that includes some of the foremost figures in Indian Classical music. A direct descendant of the family of the great Ustad Abdul Karim Khan and the legendary Sartaj-e-Mousiqui Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan who were luminaries of the Kirana Gharana, Maskhoor Ali Khan is the son of the great Sarangi-nawaz, Padmashree Ustad Shakoor Khan, who was the grandnephew of Ustad Bande Ali Khan Beenkar, composer of numerous bandishes under the pseudonym Sabras.

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Track from the CD Transcendence released by Nimbus Records, 2017. Music for the CD was recorded May 29—30 2015 at Academy of Arts & Letters, New York, produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Adam Abeshouse. The video recording and edits were by Ira Meistrich. This project was sponsored by the American Academy of Indian Classical Music.


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