Michael Robinson
Kaunsi Kanada


Kaunsi Kanada (2000) Based upon the Hindustani music evening raga, Kaunsi Kanada, scored for ud, rainstick, tabla, dholak, dhol and tamboura.

Kaunsi Kanada

Azure Miles Records



I have no interest in attempting to recreate the authentic style of any particular instrument. If that was the case, it makes more sense to have live musicians play the music. My aesthetic involves utilizing the possible expressive and technical capabilities of the digital instruments of our time to illuminate my sensations of the moment. My composing is done seated on the floor at a low table with pencil and paper. I prefer pencil to pen, even though I never go back and change a single note. Pencil allows me to erase a mistroke.

This meditational approach is similar to the ancient practice of Indian musicians performing ragas without any audience, as a form of prayer. The overall sound of my music comes after working with computer-performed sound modules for sixteen years, and it is just as difficult - some believe more difficult - to make music with this medium as it is with traditional acoustical instruments. I only mention this because once in a while I hear a common misconception that digital instruments involve only pressing a few buttons! A poetic utterance by Ralph Waldo Emerson which I carried around in my wallet for years, comes to mind:

In art, the hand can
never execute
anything higher than
the heart can inspire

- Michael Robinson, June 2000, Los Angeles (excerpted from original liner notes)