Sounds made with Kyma

conductus_800Backstage for Carla Scaletti's Conductus in Lübeck. Note the Pacarana (Kyma's hardware) on the table on the right closest to us.

Kyma is flexible, efficient, interactive, and the quality of its sound is excellent. It is also easy and straightforward to learn. Here are five examples of sounds made with Kyma.

Ben Burtt, legendary sound designer for Star Wars and Pixar’s WALL-E, said "…the principle synthesizer I use is called the Kyma… I found ways of using it to specifically do WALL-E and EVE’S voices…" He used Kyma to shape sounds and give the sounds a final shape and effect.

To learn about his way of working with sounds for film,
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Pete Johnston was working for The Tape Gallery, an advertising company, in London, when he composed this sound to sell potato chips. The fascinating thing about the sound is the morph. It's the best morph I've heard. Listen:


In composing Manhattan Sounds, Richard Lainhart used his electric guitar to filter a sequence of sounds from 125th street in New York, traffic, stores, subway, etc. Listen to this.


Here is LumiTECTURE by Tobias Enhus in Los Angeles.

Carla Scaletti’s Conductus. Performed at St. Jakobi, Lübeck, Germany. Three singers in tap shoes, an organist, and the reverberation in the church. Don't miss this one.

For the live performance,
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