Brian Belet Sufficient Trouble

With Sufficient Trouble, his debut release on Ravello Records, composer and performer Brian Belet offers a selection of computer music composed over the last twenty years. Featuring acoustic instruments and responsive electronic materials the disc offers a degree of variety in timbre and musical content that is sometimes lacking in electronic music.

Violin & Kyma (excerpt)
Still Harmless [Bass]ically
Electric Bass & Kyma (excerpt)
Name Droppings
Voices & Kyma (excerpt)
Difference (No Doubt it Queues)
Computer-processed Voice (excerpt)
An Abstract (Difference (Queues))
Computer-processed Voice (excerpt)
(Disturbed) Radiance
Piano & Kyma (excerpt)
System of Shadows I. Aurora Borealis
Trumpet, Flugelhorn & Kyma (excerpt)
System of Shadows II. Andromeda's Dream
Trumpet, Flugelhorn & Kyma (excerpt)
System of Shadows III. Zephyr Apparition
Trumpet, Flugelhorn & Kyma (excerpt)
Sea Lion Mix
Sea Lions, Voices & Kyma (excerpt)
Summer Phantoms: Nocturne
Piano & Kyma (excerpt)
Remembering Allen
Voice & Kyma (excerpt)

Ravello Records


This compilation includes music I have composed over the past twenty years. With the exception of Summer Phantomes: Nocturne and the two miniatures from the Frog Peak Collaborations Project, these compositions exclusively utilize real-time Kyma processing. Because of this, the recordings are primarily live studio performances, with no punch-in corrections for either the human performers or computer processing, as that action would disrupt the musical continuity, literally and aesthetically. These performances are live one-take full performances, and the real-ness of this performance paradigm, even though within a controlled recording studio space, agrees with my overall aesthetic of that which occurs in live performance is indeed the composition. For these works every performance is a unique and somewhat unpredictable sonic event, so these recordings are snapshots of one incarnation of each composition. I enjoy the fleeting transient nature of this reality.

- Brian Belet, January 2017, Campbell CA. (excerpted from original liner notes)