New Ear Festival 2018

New York. February 2-8. Ongoing installation by SVITER and Lesya Khomenko (Ukraine)

​Concert schedule

Friday February 2
Nadja Verena Marcin's OPHELIA
Jakob Kudsk Steensen's AQUAPHOBIA
(free and open to the public)

Saturday February 3
Stephen Vitiello / Taylor Deupree
Gust Burns / The Rhythm Method

Sunday February 4
Phill Niblock
Katherine Liberovskaya / Tim Shaw

Monday February 5
Poetic X / Jason Lucas
Yvette Janine Jackson's Destination Freedom

Tuesday February 6
Calling in or Calling out for Racial Justice
a workshop focused on accountability and action
(free and open to the public, 7pm)

Wednesday February 7
Kara Rooney But for What’s My Axis? Part 2. Desire
Brian Chase's Drums and Drones / Ursula Scherrer

Thursday February 8
Lesley Flanigan
Jacob Kirkegaard
Katinka Fogh Vindelev

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