About Us

NYUPercussion700The NYU Percussion Ensemble, conducted by David Fein, with Alvise Vidolin performing electronics (not seen in this photo), performs Luigi Nono's Con Luigi Dallapiccola, on Monday, February 27, 2012.


Who are we?

New Music World is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in New York City.

Our concept is global. We view the world as a circle of New Music World members communicating music, ideas, information, opportunities, and knowledge through our promotions of new music and sound art events.

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From the perspective of personal enrichment, observing that an event that takes place in Melbourne may be accessed in Barcelona, one could say that we are sharing music and ideas throughout the world.

From the perspective of professional musicians, promoting events and publications worldwide is a good thing.

From the perspective of a collective humanity, one could say that our concept brings the world together.


Our mission is to provide creative, professional, and cultural resources worldwide for artists, organizations who present new music, and members of an interested public.

By creative, professional, and cultural resources we mean ideas, opportunities, information, and knowledge.

By artists we mean composers, performers, anyone who works creatively with sound.

By members of an interested public, we mean people who enrich their lives by their interest in new music.


How do we provide creative, professional, and cultural resources?

It's straightforward. If you are an artist actively engaged in new music, or an organization working with artists, we provide a platform for you to share your ideas, opportunities, information, and knowledge by posting your activities in an internet-based calendar.

From another perspective, we are working with you to promote your work throughout the world. Our scope is global.

If you are an organization, we are promoting your presentations and the artists that you present.

To access the calendar, become a member. It's free. Or almost free.

How does the membership work?

There are, at the moment, four types of membership.

A Participant membership is free and provides access to listing events in the calendar.

A Professional member pays a fee of $5/month or $50/year and posts information with images and sound and receives technical support as needed.

A Special member pays a fee of $10/month or $100/year and receives the multimedia benefits of a Professional, plus promotion for books, CDs, and apps.

A Business member pays a fee of $20/month or $200/year and receives all of the multimedia benefits of a Professional, plus special promotions including email coverage as appropriate and a customized promotional campaign.

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