All Day Gentle Hold by Porches

The Porches return with their fifth album and it’s short and almost saccharine sweet but without ever becoming overwhelming. This is the sound of a band secure in its identity and having fun.

All Day Gentle Hold is not an amalgamation of previous releases and Aaron Maine is not treading water, lyrically, either. 

There’s definitely an undercurrent of coronavirus isolation and seeking a way at, for example, as “Lately” comes to a close, you hear “Crying Out! How’s everybody holding up out there??!! I miss you so much…”

The juxtaposition of an imaginary adult life and the childhood that once was on “Back3School” is genuinely moving and you can feel the loneliness in real life leaking out around the edges.

For the most part, though, this is a happy album with wonderful musical hooks that propel you through its 25-minute ride without ever leaving you hanging. 

As pop albums go, it never out stays its welcome and The Porches have truly solidified their position as shapers of a great tune. It’s hard to listen to this without feeling better and that’s probably the point. 

You can grab a copy online here.

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