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American Siren by Emily Scott Robinson

We don’t often listen to country in the NMW offices but when we do, we go all in, and this week we’ve gone all in for Emily Scott Robinson’s American Siren.

What makes Emily stand out from the crowd? Well, firstly there’s her voice which conveys genuine emotion and which shines out on tracks such as Let ‘Em Burn and Things You Learn the Hard Way.

Then there’s the mix of lyrical themes. In Hometown Hero, for example, we find ourselves with what feels like a country staple, the song about an American soldier coming home to America. 

But then, we have songs like Every Day In Faith and If Trouble Comes A Lookin’ which aren’t afraid to examine the failings of the American Dream in a very personal context.

And throughout, Emily raises what could have been trite or cliched songwriting far above the average with her incisive and intelligent poetic lyrics, in an age where songwriters don’t get much attention – Emily deserves yours. 

Whether you’re looking for pleasant ballads or a bit of full blast country, this album delivers and we can’t wait to listen to it again. 

You can grab a copy online here.

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