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An Evening With Silk Sonic by Silk Sonic

We’ve all been waiting for it, ever since Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak revealed their plans to team up but was it worth waiting for Silk Sonic’s An Evening With Silk Sonic?

Oh, so worth it, if you, like us, have a bit of a soft spot for 70s soul music, because this is a love letter to that era and the natural chemistry between these two modern greats brings it a sparkling edge that would be hard to match by anyone else.

The two musicians boasted to Rolling Stone about how many times they’d scrapped recordings of each song because it hadn’t been perfect, and it shows. 

There isn’t a single note wrong in the production of this immense album.

We absolutely love Put On A Smile which is a power ballad of epic proportions, “Take it from your Uncle Bootsy, Ain’t no shame in beggin’ in the rain, Tell her how you really feel.”

And Smokin’ Out The Window also stands out, but that’s no mean feat on an album where every song is so well-crafted, there’s not a single filler track in sight.

We think you’ll want to spend more than an evening with this awesome release from Silk Sonic. 

You can grab a copy here.

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