An Orchestrated Songbook by Paul Weller

This is an interesting and somewhat unexpected release from an artist that rarely takes time to look back on their career because they’re always breaking new ground.

However, with An Orchestrated Songbook we see Paul Weller at his finest enjoying his previous successes and reliving them with the help of Jules Buckley & The BBC Symphony Orchestra.

It works very well too. Andromeda kicks off the proceedings and it sounds intense and beautiful. The Jam favorite Carnation sounds fabulous too. 

He’s not afraid to touch on his whole career either and the more recent Bowie is also given a wonderful fresh coat of paint. 

There are some cool guest appearances as well, and Boy George’s contribution to You’re The Best Thing is spectacular. 

Not every piece of orchestration is a resounding success, but these sorts of brief collaborative projects rarely do, but when it works, it really works and whether you’re a fan or a Weller-noob we think you’re going to like this. 

You can grab a copy here.

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