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Anaïs Mitchell Sells Brooklyn Bridge With Harmonic Continuo

Album: Anaïs Mitchell
Artist: Anaïs Mitchell
Genre: Singer/Songwriter

With her new self-titled album, Anaïs Mitchell delivers a super production with a strong pen and a memorable voice.

This is a solid LP with a handful of really well-written songs with great tiny detail production.

The opening track, Brooklyn Bridge, is one of the stand-out songs. It can border on fringe to Alt-folk or Alt-country but each of those lend themselves to a lyrical storyteller like Anaïs.

anais mitchell

Her singing diction is superb and it has a very pleasant afternoon chill vibe. It’s pretty, so if that is not what you need… skip often.

For songwriters or producers there is a trend in having a single repeating chord progression throughout the song without any real ‘harmonic’ sections.

I like to call this Harmonic Continuo.

It can be cool but it’s very tricky. Having a variety of sections — like verses, chorus and an awesome bridge all with different harmonic structure — makes it easier to sustain interest for the length of the song.

Brooklyn Bridge uses this Harmonic Continuo and it’s exceptionally well done. The tiny details and the ever subtle addition of new things and the tasty repetition of motifs all surrounds her hook line “Brooklyn Bridge”.

It’s one of the best examples of this I’ve heard. I’m sold.






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