Ascension Codes by Cynic

Cynic is a band with an interesting past. Two thirds of the original lineup has passed away in the last two years and only Paul Masvidal remains. 

The band were a big deal even before they were signed as they were one of metal’s first “supergroups” and their debut album Focus is beloved for its fusion of jazz and death metal but what does Ascension Codes bring us, following such a distressing time?

We confess, we were surprised to learn that Paul was even making an album and it’s definitely lived up to the Cynic reputation. 

The death metal is still there, but it is far more muted than before and it might even be fair to call this a prog-metal album.

It opens with The Winged Ones and this makes it clear that Paul’s always been a solid creative force for the band and the later track Mythical Serpents is a clear nod to the past. 

Ascension Codes is an incredibly complete work that feels like a true tribute to the departed, we’re just left wondering if there’s anywhere to go after this? 

If not? Well, it’s a fitting swan song for one of metal’s finest acts and it’s fully accessible to long-term fans and newbies alike. 

You can grab a copy here.

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