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How Long Do Headphones Last?

How Long Do Headphones Last?

So, you’re about to lay down some of your hard earned cash for some headphones, but you’re wondering, how long will your investment last? Well, you’re not alone and the answer might surprise you. In short, when it comes to…

Sweetwater $70,000 Holiday Giveaway

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WINNERS ANNOUNCED EVERY DAY IN DECEMBER! Start your holiday countdown with $70,000 of gear prizes at Sweetwater! Every day from December 1 through December 24 on Instagram and Facebook, we’ll announce a new winner of something over-the-top fantastic. That’s 24…

Audio Connections Guide For Newbies

audio connections

Americans spend $8.5 billion every year on speakers and much more than that on audio equipment for the home and on the move.  That means that all of us can benefit from knowing about the different audio connection options, how…