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Audioengine Is American Music Lovers Success Story

Music is amazing, but only when it’s played over the right speakers. 

Tinny, base-less, buzzing, speakers can ruin even the best audio experience. 

And that’s why we think everyone should know about Audioengine

About Audioengine

Audioengine was founded in Texas back in 2005 with the simplest of goals, “to make people want to listen to music every day” by building audio products that sounded amazing and which were super simple to use. 


Their core range is all about powered speakers that can be connected (either by wire or wirelessly) to a home (or bigger) system and be part of any arrangement (from home theater to gaming den) you want to set up. 

Why We Love Audioengine

No matter which free music app we use, there’s simply nothing that sounds better than the Audioengine HD6 speakers we’ve got set up in the office at the moment. 

The simple A5 speaker is where it all began back in 2005 and they’ve been continuously innovating ever since. 

At home, we’ve already got an amp and so, we decided to give their P4 passive speakers a test run too and wow! They’re every bit as good as their powered speakers are. 

Final Thoughts On Audioengine

We love American companies. It’s more environmentally friendly to do business with companies based in the US as it cuts down on shipping miles. Audioengine is an American company we can really get behind. 

Their speakers offer incredible quality for a very reasonable price and they make us feel good about rocking the Kasbah or, indeed, anywhere else.

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