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Clint Ward

Clint Ward

Clint Ward is a music industry veteran know by many as “SeeDub”. Currently he's creatively at large with the The Audioward. Clint was a founder at Emagic North America, worked at Apple, Apogee, Line 6, IMSTA and Roland Cloud. He’s a music creation technologist, passionate music curator and fierce industry observer.

Lizzy McAlpine Is Artist-Owned Phenom

lizzy mcalpine

Album: Five Seconds FlatArtist: Lizzy McAlpineGenre: Indie Pop / Artist-Owned All my ghosts is a new trickle release single from Lizzy McAlpine. Check out the video here: Lizzy McAlpine – all my ghosts (official video) I’m a bit bullish on…

O Abismo Da Prata Is A Wonderful Spin

gian correa

Album: O Abismo Da PrataArtist: Gian CorreaGenre: Choro Brazil has a unique and native music scene. From Samba to MPB and now I discover this: Choro music. Something new every day for us in this new music world. Choro (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈʃoɾu],…

Thank-You, Teddy Grossman, We Are Ready

soon come teddy grossman

Retro Soul? Americana Soul? Whichever bucket this ends up in, we urge you to savor it. Don’t waste great talent! This is a great example of a super-talented artist on the fringe not getting their deserved engagement or if you…