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Jay Wood

Jay Wood

Year Of Spotify Giveaway

spotify Best Free Music Apps

Are you a music lover? If so, this is the giveaway for you! Don’t miss your chance to enter and win the Spotify For a Year Giveaway. This prize includes one year of free Spotify Premium membership, so you can…

Music of the Week – 28th September, 2022

Music of the Week – 28th September, 2022

The Playlist Chiyoda, Arkansas, Manila Artist: Peter Matthew Bauer The new album Flowers is an entertaining ride with plenty to sink your teeth in. Our top pick, Chiyoda, Arkansas, Manila is the outro track and it leaves us with a…

How To Be A Rock Photographer

If you want to get into concert photography, you’ll need to know quite a lot from camera settings to how to handle low light conditions in post-production. That’s why we’ve written this guide to concert photography, it’s enough to get…

Music of the Week – 17th August, 2022

Spotify Playlist  Aquamarine Artist: Black Thought & Danger Mouse There’s talk in the Hip Hop press of awarding Cheat Codes the title of album of the year already, which tells you that the single from that album, Aquamarine is going…