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Jay Wood

Certified Lover Boy

certified lover boy drake

Drake If Kanye opted to go down the road less travelled with Donda, then Drake, hip-hop’s other golden boy, opted to stay on the highway with Certified Lover Boy. That doesn’t make Certified Lover Boy a bad record, far from…

Bluetooth Headphones Giveaway

Hey, music lovers! Would you like to win a pair of Bluetooth Wireless Headphones? This awesome giveaway is just in time for the holidays! Rock out to your fave songs with high-quality sound – Don’t miss your chance to enter…

The Capitol Session ‘73

bob marley

Bob Marley (& The Wailers) Yes, we’re quite aware that Bob Marley has been gone for a long time now, but this new album isn’t one of those hastily cobbled together collections of junk that’s been laying around for too…

Mercury Act 1

imagine dragons

Imagine Dragons The Imagine Dragons return with their fifth studio offering and it’s an ambitious and intelligent record which might just be trying to fit too much in at once.  Just 3 years ago, the Imagine Dragons were Spotify’s biggest…

An Exciting History of Headphones


Everyone in the modern era has owned at least one pair of headphones in their lives. But where do headphones come from and how did they evolve into what we use today?  Our brief and exciting history of headphones will…

Audioengine Is American Music Lovers Success Story


Music is amazing, but only when it’s played over the right speakers.  Tinny, base-less, buzzing, speakers can ruin even the best audio experience.  And that’s why we think everyone should know about Audioengine.  About Audioengine Audioengine was founded in Texas…

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