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Jay Wood

Lost Futures

lost futures

Marisa Anderson/William Tyler This folk debut is an eloquent tribute to the American Southwest and the centerpiece is the incredible guitar duets performed by Anderson and Tyler. It was recorded during the Portland protests (maybe riots, depending on whose story…


donde kanye

Kanye West At his best, Kanye West is the ultimate lyricist and musician of his age, but sadly, Donda isn’t entirely Kanye at his best.  There are lots of good ideas here but when he sings, “God’s not finished” we…

The Ultra Vivid Lament

the ultra vivid lament

Manic Street Preachers The Manics are back with their 14th studio release entitled The Ultra Vivid Lament. Turns out it’s absolutely one of their very best and we were blown away. We started our relationship with this band with their…

8 Best Streaming Music Services for 2021

More than 55% of American households use a streaming music service now, according to Pew Research.  But how do you make sure that you’re getting the best value service for your money?  Why, you use our guide to the best…

Visions of Jazz Is Evolutionary Document

visions of jazz

Jazz is one of modern music’s oldest and most popular scenes and Gary Giddins is one of its biggest fans. In Visions of Jazz, Gary attempts to explore the history and evolution of jazz in America and the wider-world and…

How Music Got Free Is Thrilling Read

how music is free

The Internet has completely revolutionized our lives and it’s also changed the way that we consume music forever. How Music Got Free explores the way that digital music piracy has transformed the way that we listen to music and its…

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