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Jay Wood

Silence: Lectures and Writings Is A Masterpiece


John Cage is one of the most experimental composers on the planet and it’s quite possible that American avant-garde wouldn’t exist without him. Thankfully, he brings his considerable talents together in Silence: Lectures and Writings.  This is one of the…

The Rest Is Noise Is Enthralling

the rest is noise

Classical music and the 20th century is not a topic that you hear on most people’s lips. And that’s a real shame. Why? Because some of the greatest works of classical music came to being in the 19XXs.  Alex Ross’s…

Chronicles, Volume One by Bob Dylan


Bob Dylan is the only lyricist in history to have won the Nobel Prize for literature, so as you might expect, his autobiography is impeccably well-written. A life as rich as his, however, is going to take more than one…

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Year Of Spotify Giveaway

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