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Jay Wood

8 Best Free Music Apps for Android and iPhone

best free music apps

Video didn’t kill the radio star, streaming did, at least, mostly.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, mind you.  In fact, it means you can be your own DJ and you can do so without all those annoying talk overs…

Electronic Music Foundation

Electronic Music

It’s funny but electronic music is so much part of our lives now that we barely give it a passing thought but 50 years ago (or so) it was in its infancy.  It’s come so far, so fast that it…

Found Sound Nation Building Musical Bridges

Record Music

The music industry relies on creative agencies to bring people together but the majority of those agencies tend to fall into the same old, stale business practices. Found Sound Nation is different. They’re all about connecting people across cultural divides…

Environmental Sound Artists: In Their Own Words

Nature sounds

Environmentalism isn’t as new as the modern movement might have you believe and the idea of merging sound and art with the environment really took off in the 1960s.  Environmental Sound Artists: In Their Own Words is a deep dive…

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