Back In Nashville by Elvis Presley


Did you know that Elvis Presley’s original records are falling in value on the collector’s market now? 

That’s because many of his original fans are passing away and today’s younger folks have barely heard of him. 

This is an incredible injustice because as Dave Marsh the famous music critic once said, “Elvis Presley was probably the most underrated singer of all.”

Back in Nashville is a reissued collection of 82 tracks all of which have been restored to their original glory.

It’s Elvis and his studio musicians working together to create tracks that would appear on classics such as Elvis Now and He Touched Me (which won a Grammy award in the gospel category).

It’s Elvis as he’s meant to be, raw and unpolished, and simply the King of Rock N Roll. 

It’s hard to believe that the man’s (who was once the most famous person in the world) legacy is at risk with music listeners today because this is as tight and engaging now as it was the day when it was recorded. 

Take a trip back in time, you won’t be disappointed with Back In Nashville. 

You can grab a copy here

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