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Best Acapella Sites, According To Vocalists

Whether you need free vocals or commercial studio acapellas, you can easily find them online.

In fact, your new mashup, bootleg, or track can easily benefit from vocal downloads.

We did a quick survey of some cool vocalists we know and here are their favorite acapella websites for you to check out.


With over 12,000 packs to choose from and a free membership option (which only has 5 downloads a month and only applies to some of their catalog), you should definitely try Voclr.

And if you like what you hear? Then upgrade to premium and get an unlimited number of downloads of the studio acapella tracks and sample packs! It’s only £29.99 (about $42 at the time of going to press) for a year!

Check it out here.

Remix Packs

This is a great source of acapella packs for electronic music and they have over 6,000 tracks to download.

However, they have some really irritating pop-up ads that can interfere with site usage. However, if you want studio-quality acapellas, you won’t get many better collections than this one.

Check it out here.

Reddit (Isolated Vocal Samples SubReddit)

This is a neat resource. You can’t always guarantee quality control but if you want free vocals for your audio loops then this is a great place to pick them up from.

We’d recommend avoiding the DIY stuff that gets uploaded to YouTube.

Always use a decent set of studio headphones to check the quality of any acapella recording before you use it. Though in a pinch, you could always turn to some solid bookshelf speakers for vetting the sound.

Check it out here.

MS Project Sound

If you don’t care about low-cost acapella or DIY acapellas and instead, want to create remixes from quality music then you cannot go wrong with Project Sound.

The free plan is very constricting but if you’re serious about music production (even if you’re using a budget laptop for your work) then their annual pricing plan of $36.99 is worth every cent.

This is definitely one of the best sites to build DJ sets with as they have access to sounds like DJ Snake, Dua Lipa, etc. which most other resources won’t.

A dedicated music hosting website like MS Project Sound is a major step up and it can provide superior quality music without spending a fortune. Even if you have free audio software for your DAW, these music sample packs will really enhance your projects.

Check it out here.

Acapellas 4 U

There’s a reason that Acapellas 4 U feels so dated and that’s because they’ve been around since 2003 and don’t seem to have given the site much of a UI overhaul since.

However, it’s not your typical acapella website and you can find over 30,000 vocal loops on this site. You can download 30 for free each month (though this is a little slow and if you want to get them faster – you have to pay).

They also have a brilliant forum that helps you create DIY acapella songs with advice from other musos (including some of the industry’s biggest names) and that’s free to access too.

Check it out here.


Looperman offers royalty-free acapella music and better still it does so free of charge.

They have 10,000 entries in their acapella catalog and more than 100,000 samples in total.

The licenses are super clean and transparent. However, be careful each vocal project is uploaded by random users and quality varies dramatically.

Check it out here.

Loopmasters (Royalty Free Acapellas)

This is a top-quality premium provider for music creators and those using DJ tools for a DJ set at a high level.

Their acapella samples are all first-rate but you will need to pay $50+ for their royalty-free samples and packs. They’re worth it though if you have the budget.

Check it out here.