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Bangers & Mash Served Up For 2021 Post-Mortem Ear Meal

I bookmarked 588 tracks in 2021. This is half of what I bookmarked in 2020. I’m getting old or it was a slow year.

98% of these saved tracks and artists are not on the radio, will not be on the top promo tiles, nor make it to hot playlists. They are off the mainstream or just starting the grind but there is some fierce talent here.

lizzy mcalpine

Breakout artists I think are just getting started like Lizzy McAlpine, UPSAHL, Thunder Jackson, and Celeste to name a few.

thunder jackson

It was still an amazing year with a ton of fantastic releases. This playlist started by trying to just find the Bangers but I was attached to so many artists – we added some Mash. There is NO deep cuts here and a lot of what I would consider more art music or my preferred deep listening laneway’s not here. A lot of this list borders on Pop or Alt Pop.


The criteria was like this:

Hook worthy – Can’t help but want to shuffle your feet – Authenticity – Memorable – Hipster worthy – Soulful – Just freaking talented new artists and Rock my world ….(Connor oh Connor from NBT).

There is no singer-songwriter, Americana, jazz, electronic, dance or some of the deep cut stuff I like so much (Black MIDI).

nothing but thieves

“Two hours of mostly “off the mainstream” tracks released in 2021. Hand picked Bangers that are all about the hooks, beats, and is it memorable. Add a side of Mash with some kicking Rock, smooth Retro Soul and hipster ballads. Shout out if we missed a banger! Odds are, its never been on the radio. Deep cut stuff not here.”

Now I ask you this … why not spin it?

Remember – SKIP OFTEN.

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