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Top 10 Best DJ Record Pools

A DJ record pool is the easiest way to get songs from multiple genres including exclusive remixes for a single fee every month.

However, not all DJ record pools were created equal and that’s why we’ve put together this list of the best DJ record pools so that you can ensure your monthly fee delivers results.

Zip DJ

We run ZIP DJ on a cheap music production laptop along with a decent digital audio workstation (DAW) and it works great.

It’s not the cheapest deal on the market but it gives you access to the entire database of their record pool which has a huge amount of music of every music genre.

We also found that their record pool playlists were seriously useful for inspiration.

Check it out here.

DJ City

If you want a record pool that specializes in club music and radio music, this is the way to go.

They offer a low-cost one-month trial which is better than other DJ record pools and their mobile app is brilliant. And we quite like their DJ city exclusive tracks that even the record labels can’t offer you direct.

If you need record pools that are always fresh and which really understand how DJ tools must work – you can’t go wrong.

Check it out here.

LNRP (Hip-Hop Specialist)

The best record pools tend to specialize and this is the only DJ pool that you want to consider if you love hip-hop.

They have over 10,00 tracks available at a cost of between $40 and $50 a month.

This makes it an expensive DJ record pool but it’s still the number one professional choice for hip-hop for a good reason.

Check it out here.

Crate Connect

This is one of the most affordable record pools for DJs and a 6-month sub is less than $100!

It has an excellent collection of audio and video files for the money and as with most DJ pools you get unlimited downloads included in the subscription service.

One interesting thing about Crate is the availability of merch to support their work.

Check it out here.


This is an ultra music collection and has daily updates. It’s also a very reasonable $200 for a year!

We like that it has a free option too, so you can test it out before you spend a fortune on becoming a professional DJ with this service.

Check it out here.

Digital DJ Pool

Take advantage of their $1 promo offer and you can get access to all the tracks including preview tracks for 5 days.

They have brilliant apps for both Android and iOS and give your access to the electronic music DJ Network so you can share the exclusive music that you create with other DJs.

Check it out here.

BPM Supreme

We’ve got a full review of this service elsewhere on the site and we’re big fans of BPM Supreme.

They have a two-tier subscription model and it’s easy to download music on either tier and create playlists too.

It’s good for everything from dance music sets to supporting a wedding DJ in the field. There’s a good reason BMP is a big name in the DJ world and it’s because it’s well-designed, easy to use, and offers a huge library to work with.

Check it out here.


No other record pools expect you to verify your identity but DMA does. It’s a seriously premium service too but it’s obvious why – if you want the right DJ pool for all the music at the highest quality? This is the option for you.

However, at $450 a year, you will need to think about what you really need to find music before you stump up for DMS.

Check it out here.

Heavy Hits

They have a nice trial subscription for $7.99 for your first month and then it’s $24.99 a month from there on in.

We like how easy this platform is to use and it’s probably the best option for a first-time user of these services. Even if you decide to switch after the cheap first month.

Check it out here.

Digital Music Pool

If you want to be able to customize the interface you work on as well as get the latest club killers, then you will want to check out Digital Music Pool.

We really liked the huge catalog and their handy mobile app has the best UI of any app in our tests.

Check it out here.

Final Notes

The big advantage of the best DJ pools over buying media is that a DJ pool always has new music and it’s a fixed fee whereas with a direct music service – you’re going to pay more.

Over time, however, even the best DJ pool is going to cost more than building your own music library.

If you opt for the leading DJ record pools, however, it means you can spread your investment over time and you can always move to other DJ pools if you want to change the direction of your work.